Brenda Hernandez Furtado has been my massage therapist for nearly 15 years. Prior to finding her, I had gone to a number of other massage therapists but did not see the results or feel as good as I have since I met Brenda.

She has been able to help me control a variety of chronic aches and pains I have due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has an impressive knowledge of the human body and is able to determine the most effective treatment each time I see her. She is very sensitive and intuitive to my continually changing body’s needs. She is a woman of integrity that is enthusiastic, energetic and highly motivated. She always creates a comfortable, safe environment for massage, which is very important to me.

I can tell you from experience, if you go to Brenda once, you will never want to go to anyone else. She is the best!


After a lifelong search for a massage therapist who understands my needs, I am so grateful to have found Brenda. She is the only massage therapist I have ever worked with who is strong enough and sensitive enough to get at those lifelong tension points that can be so painful and difficult to access. She works with me to find the release points that are buried in my body and does not stop until we are both satisfied. She knows the body well, yet she strives to be ever more informed about the neuro-muscular system, how to work with trauma in the body, and how to help with physical and psychological health and recuperation.

Brenda has helped me recover from cancer surgery by understanding not only what my muscles and nerves needed, but also my traumatized lymphatic system and even my spirit. Her Reiki skills have helped me in a more subtle way than her massage skills, but this practice is equally as powerful a tool in her capable hands. No matter what my complaint might be, Brenda has a suggestion for how to work with it. She has strong hands and a gentle touch when each is needed. She is a generous, loving soul that does not tire of helping. I can’t say enough about Brenda and am so thankful to have her in my life.

Laurel Howe

What makes a great massage therapist? I think it’s a little different for everyone, but what I like most about Brenda is the fact that she listens! She doesn’t just do the same massage routine every time you see her. You communicate to her your problem area(s) and she works to relieve them. She has extensive knowledge about the body, but most importantly, she is intuitive. She listens to your body and is able adapt to what it needs. She communicates throughout the session to ensure you are getting what you need and that pressure she is using is okay. She has strong hands and offers a skilled touch. When Brenda is your massage therapist it is all about you and healing your body for that 90 minutes you are with her.

Brenda is a generous and gifted person who genuinely finds satisfaction in helping and healing others and this is reflected in her work. I am so thankful to have found her!

J. R.